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Starting as I intend to continue

Hey everyone!

This post is just a quick update about what I've been up to.

As I alluded to in my last post, I broke up with Jess. I think it was for the best- we are very compatible as friends, but not so much romantically. I felt very very guilty about it, but I honestly think it was the right thing to do. I think it makes me appreciate Will all the more, now that I know it isn't so easy to find someone who is compatible with oneself in every way.

In December I went to Tokyo for two weeks, with Kath and Bree. It was super awesome fun, but also really really tiring. All three of us got sick at point or another during the trip (one from drinking, one from flu, and I got food poisoning) but we managed to pull through and have a great time. I bought a LOT of stuff; about 120 litres and more than 35 kg in total. I had severe abdominal pains a few days after the flight back, so I may literally have pulled a muscle or given myself a hernia carrying it all. Sheesh.

If I go again, I am not going to shop on that scale. It got to the point where it was painful to carry the bags, and not even fun anymore. It was more like a mission in efficiency than a casual shopping trip. I really want to go with Aliki some time next year! I have already started saving up again.

On a vaguely related note, I am going to a wardrobe post for the first time! I have the day off tomorrow so I am going to spend the whole day photographing all my stuff. It is going to be a massive undertaking, but at least I can then use all of the pictures for PoupeeGirl too.

Oh yeah, I also have red hair now! I like it. I have a sideways fringe too, so I think it looks a little like Ariel from the Little Mermaid (wishful thinking). I want to buy a mermaid/seashell/ocean print dress or scaly print leggings and wear mermaid themed outfits!

Not much else is different. I wear lolita to work almost every day now (I have a lazy day about once a fortnight). People at work like it, and it motivates me to work hard and be efficient and smart, so that I can prove anybody wrong who assumes that frilly dresses indicate a lack of responsibility or academic ability. Currently I am learning how to do modelling and statistics in R, which is a nightmare, but I really want to turn my biggest weakness into my biggest strength.

I look forward to going to some more lolita meets in the future. I feel like I haven't seen the London lolis or the Bristol lolis in a long time. I miss you all! Hopefully we can hang out at the Kyary concert in February. Also, I am really really looking forward to Frock On in August, it sounds absolutely amazing so far. I think the UK lolita community is really taking off, thanks to everyone's camaraderie and enthusiasm (and particularly thanks to a few very hardworking individuals!). Second only to Tokyo, I think the UK community is the most renowned in the world for having lots of members, beautiful outfits, and epic events! It makes me really happy to be a part of it, if only a very small part.

That's all for now!
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Time for a change

Thinking about changing my hair cut/colour. What do you guys think would suit me? I'm torn between short choppy dark brown hair (pros: less upkeep, cons: less girly) or long red hair (pros: Disney princess esque, cons: hard to coordinate, more upkeep). 

Ps I am sick with flu. Will post a real update tomorrow.
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Double-post: if you already read this on Facebook, my apologies :P

So I was reading this article:

And my (male, white, middle-class, heteronormative) housemate comes up behind me and comments "That is a nice picture. More specifically, that is a nice ass". I pointed out that the title of the article was "Shameless Objectification" and that his comment was extremely ironic considering the point of the article. His reply was (verbatim) "Meh. If they didn't want people to stare, they wouldn't wear that".

I wish I was joking.

I tried to make a rebuttal (along the lines of "These are OLYMPIC FUCKING ATHLETES, you think they should wear jeans while competing in beach volleyball just to earn the basic human right to not be objecitified?!") and he replied by calling me a 'raging feminazi'. I knew at that point it wasn't worth trying to continue the conversation. I am literally shaking with rage right now, trying to stay calm and stay in my room, so he doesn't feel like his remarks are justified. I know that means he has won- that I have been silenced by an insult that perpetuates ignorance and inequality- but I don't feel like pursuing the point is going to help.
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Shirley Temple sizing?

Quick question for my f-list:

Does anyone understand the sizing system for Shirley Temple? I've heard of dresses or cardigans being '140' or '150', but I have no idea if this refers to cm (and if so, of what?) or is some kind of reference system they use. I ask because I found an ST overcoat but it's labelled '110' with no other size information, and I'm terrified of it being tiny O_o
Also, should I maybe ask on egl? It's only tangentially related to lolita, but a lot of girls buy ST afaik, and it hasn't been asked before I don't think (Used search function, but no results)...
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I need your advice D:

Sorry I haven't updated in so long! I've been crazy busy with various things.
I need your advice, loli friends. I ordered Baby's Masquerade Theatre skirt in cream earlier this month. It got caught by customs (argh) BUT because I was busy with personal crises, I didn't get round to paying it. I think it must have been sent back to Baby by now! What should I do- am I likely to be able to get Baby to re-send it, or at least get a refund? ;__;
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When I grow up...

...I'm going to be a conservationist, seamstress, AND a circus performer. I'm not going to live in a boring old house with a boring old job- I'm going to go on adventures, constantly change my life, and never fall into a routine life. I have to- because mediocrity is the worst thing ever. It's my biggest fear, more than dying itself. As silly as it sounds, it's the truth.
A while ago I was inspired by some comments I found online by someone of a similar disposition to me- someone who also hates monotony, and strives for eccentricity. I want them to be on a public post now, because I empathised with the sentiment as I hope someone else reading it here may do.

What I fear:

Sure, you could amble through life. Go ahead, just drop out, half-ass your shitty meaningless job in the cubicle farm, get married in your early 20s to someone whose presence bores you to tears, limit your hobbies and passions to TV sports, muscle cars and clothes shopping, never travel anywhere that doesn't have a beachfront hotel and a buffet, spit out your 2.3 children as soon as you get married, divorce once you ship your kids off to Mediocrity U to major in drinking and troll the internet looking for other dysfunctional, boring people to date after a decade of involuntary celibacy. If you're lucky, you'll marry someone new after 3 months of dating that your grown children despise. You'll move to a gated community in Florida to live out the rest of your days bitching about "minorities" with other old people whose only purpose in life is to pointlessly continue their existence for another couple decades. The new wife will die of an obesity-related illness and you'll wander the halls of the local high school telling all the girls that you're available. No-one will question this since you're old and therefore allowed to be a creepy fuck.
Follow the script. Your life will be MUCH better than if you actually thought for yourself and pursued your ambitions.

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Disclaimer: I definitely do not support the "be interesting or kill yourself" sentiment, and I don't believe the original commenter meant it seriously. I'm going to leave it in because I empathise with the almost aggressive conviction with which the poster is trying to dispel monotony. Sometimes you need harsh words to inspire sustained action, I think.
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Style Upheaval- I NEED YOUR HELP

Will pointed out to me that I start too many projects and don't follow any to completion. It's true, I can think of so many right now (building a book-bag, sewing an apron, making Hana bead jewellery)... and I've come to realise that it's the same with fashion.
That also explains why I have so many clothes, but never anything appropriate to wear;
1) I aim too high (I buy elaborate outfits, and end up wearing jeans and a shirt because I can't be bothered to do the whole hair-and-makeup-and-coordinate thing, or because I don't want to have to answer people's questions)
2) I buy items to START a co-ordinate, but never finish it. Worse still, I buy items to fit too many styles, and then give up on them.
The most recent victim of this fickle coveting nature of mine is fairykei/spank. I adore those pastel rainbow colours, soft fabrics, and cute casual daily-wear-able look. Kath was wearing an absolutely inspiring outfit the other day (floral dress, yellow jumper, lilacy socks and those cute cute pink Reebok trainers all spank girls seem to have) and I so wish I could look like that. But trying on the exact same jumper today, I realised that it just doesn't suit me at all. My shoulders are too broad, my frame too tall, my features too strong. I look like a man trying to dress as a child- not a good look.

So, the question is, do I give up on it, or is there a way to adapt it to suit me? Furthermore, if I do drop it (and some of the other styles I have few items for- like boystyle, punk, gal/gyaru, and romantic/pinky-frilly style) then what style do I take up? What would truly suit me? What features should I try and accentuate, and which should I try to hide? I don't know enough about style to answer this question without aid, so I turn to you, f-list.

What fashion would suit me?*

*(And, preferably, is more interesting than jeans and tees, but still casual enough to wear day-to-day).